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The Bob & Bryan Show
Bob Fry

Robert P. Fry, Jr.

Bob Fry is an investment advisor, writer, private equity investor, bible study teacher and Senior Gift Advisor with the National Christian Foundation of California. For most of the last 27 years, Bob was an institutional investment advisor with several companies including Merrill Lynch, where he served in both investment and management positions. He was at one time Merrill Lynch Trust Company’s Director of Investments, a member of the Trust Company’s Board of Directors and Chairman of the Investment Committee that supervised $10 billion in trust assets.

He also spent more than ten years in private practice as a business and securities law attorney.

Bob earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Southern California and the degree of Juris Doctor from the University of California at Los Angeles.

Over the years, Bob has been a frequent speaker at national conferences for industry groups, such as the AICPA and the Investment Management Consultants Association, and for nonprofit organizations such as BoardSource, the Christian Leadership Alliance and Focus on the Family.

He is also the author of Nonprofit Investment Policies: Practical Steps for Growing Charitable Funds, (John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1998) and Who’s Minding the Money? (BoardSource, Washington DC, 2009).

Bob lives in Concord, California, with his wife, Susan, who is a retired Special Education teacher. They have three children, Jennifer, who is an attorney in Sacramento, California, Katie, who is a pediatrician at Stanford Children’s Hospital and Jonathan, who is a petroleum geologist in Midland, Texas. The next generation is on it’s way as well with Benjamin, age 4 ½, as he is quick to say, his cousin, Juliet, age 3, and his little brother, Samuel, who just turned two.

Finally, unlike many men in their 60’s, Bob has largely given up golf in favor of full-court pick-up basketball, where his much younger fellow players often observe, “he sure runs hard for an old guy!”

Bryan Feller

Bryan Feller

Bryan Feller is the President of the National Christian Foundation of California, where he and his team help high-net-worth families gain greater tax efficiency from their charitable giving – especially in cases of non-liquid gifts like stock, real estate, and business interests. As one of the largest charities in America, NCF has facilitated over $18+ billion gifts since it was founded in the early 1980s.

Bryan speaks regularly on philanthropy strategies, family legacy, and staying fit in mid-life and beyond. He also hosts The Family Legacy Podcast and co-hosts The Bob & Bryan Show, a podcast about tax-smart giving strategies for donors and their advisors. 

When he is not working, you will probably find Bryan mountaineering the High Sierras or the Deserts of the Southwest – where he also serves as a volunteer Wilderness First Responder.

Over 35 years ago, Bryan married his high school sweetheart, Becky. They are now “empty-nesters” with two married children, Westley and Courtney, and a grandbaby, Conrad. 

The Bob & Bryan Show



The Bob & Bryan Show brings you everything you need to know to make a greater impact in your charitable giving.
Specifically oriented toward higher capacity Christians, Bob and Bryan cut through the noise and tackle the questions that really matter in your giving: 
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